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A note from Ven. Osel on Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche's teaching in LIVE webcast

Dear friends,

Just want to share with you that in the past 10 days morning I have been watching Rinpoche's teaching in LIVE webcast. A few days ago, when Rinpoche started the teaching, He led everyone on Seven Limbs Prayer, and when it came to the Limb of Offering, Rinpoche led everyone to visualize all the water offering, flower offering, lights offering in His house in Aptos, Californis and Washington, then Rinpoche also mentioned about the 100,000 lights offering in Amitabha Buddhist Center in Singapore, after this, Rinpoche then also mentioned the 40,000 lights offering in CGC!!! But then Rinpoche said that the lights in CGC only turn on at night, so He said He is not sure whether the lights are on now??!!!!! I got a shocked when I heard this and have to quickly run upstair to turn on all the lights because the lights are usually switched off in the morning. So on that day morning, the moment the lights were switched off, Rinpoche mentioned immediately "he is not sure whether the lights are on or not???!!!" ... It is like He knows we just switched it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooppppssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two days ago, at the end of the teaching, Rinpoche received a note which was passed to him by the attendant. Somebody request for prayer to a young mongolian girl, who hit in an accident and is in coma for 7 days. Rinpoche then led everyone to chant Medicine Buddha Names and Mantra, and visualization and dedicate for her. Just now, Rinpoche received another note again, saying that the mongolian girl has woken up and now is able to speak!!!!!!! Rinpoche said wao.... and start to thank everyone for the prayer, and thank Medicine Buddha as well.... and everyone applauded... and some voice from the participant thank Rinpoche too....

Isn't it amazing???!!!

Just to share with you all....How fortunate we are to have such realized humble wonderful perfect GURU!!!!!

Have a nice day as usual....o....

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