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Advice from Rinpoche Jul 2009 - Animal Liberation

Benefits of Animal Liberation - by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

I started the tradition of how to liberate animals. The way we do animal liberation causes long life but that alone doesn't ultimately help the animals, so the best thing to do is to circumambulate the animals around holy objects and to bless them with mantras and prayers. So you can carry the animals around a table in the middle of a room with many, many, many holy objects on it piled up, many tsa tsa, pictures of Buddhas, texts, whatever you have and then you take the animals around these holy objects.

If there is 1000 statues and holy objects on the table then if you take the animals and insects around once it creates 1000 causes to achieve enlightenment and by the way 1000 causes to achieve liberation from samsara, 1000 causes for good rebirth and happiness in future lives. So each time you go around with the insects it creates that many causes of all those happiness's as well as long life. So if you have one billion insects and they are carried by many people in a container, you are giving enlightenment each time you go around to that many sentient beings. If you have 1000 sentient beings or 100,000 or 10,000 sentient beings then however many holy objects you have (like 100, 1000 or 10,000) then each time you are going around you are giving enlightenment that many times, as well as giving happiness in future lives and good rebirth. So as many holy objects you have then you are creating that many causes of enlightenment.

Also there are skies of benefit create by circumambulating the holy objects with the animals especially if the holy objects contain the 4 powerful mantras (the root mantra, heart mantra near heart mantra): 1) the most precious heart mantra of Stainless beam, 2) the most precious mantra of secret relic, 3) the most precious mantra of ornament of enlightenment, and 4) and the very precious root mantra of stainless beam.

Just by circumambulating one time in a holy object, such as a stupa, that has one of these mantra, like the Dharmakaya secret relic mantra, then the negative karmas that you had collected to be born in all the 8 hot hells which would have resulted in experiencing the heavy sufferings gets purified. Just by one time going around or doing prostrations, making offerings to that stupa or holy object that contains these mantra. Also ones negative karma gets purified.

If there is the stainless beam mantra inside the holy object then just one time going around it purifies the 5 unending negative karmas (killing ones mother, killing ones father, killing an Arhant, drawing blood from a Buddha and causing a schism in a sangha community) no question about other karmas, negative karma and non virtues.

If one offers a bell to that stupa that contains these mantras, then any animal or human that hears the sound of the bell are purified of the 5 unending negative karmas. So you can see these mantras have unbelievable power.

In this way any holy objects that contain these 4 powerful mantras creates unbelievable benefit for the animals and then by the way for the people who come there to help carry the animals around, so by the way they get all these benefits. So it liberates both the animal and also the human beings carrying the animals from the lower realms and from samsara and bring them to enlightenment.

So that is your greatest gift for these pitiful suffering sentient beings.

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