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For the month of October 2014

Dear CGC family and friends,

We are pleased to inform that Geshe Deyang will continue the Lam Rim classes from 10 October 2014.

Ever since Geshela came back from India in August 2014, he has been tied up with making arrangements and preparation to invite a Hayagriva statue and a Stupa of Enlightenment (both from Kathmandu, Nepal) to our centre. He was also requested to conduct various prayers and pujas, including two extensive Hayagriva Controlling Fire Pujas for our sister centres of LDC and RJL as advised by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche. With successful completion of these, Geshela is now able to continue the teaching classes.

Geshela will commence the Lam Rim Class in 2 weeks' time and continue the teaching from where he stopped before he went back to India end of last year. Besides, as and when required, he will conduct short Lam Rim Meditation, to give guided and systematic meditation practice on Lam Rim knowledge that you have acquired from previous classes to enhance your understanding of Lam Rim. There will be one Lam Rim Meditation class in October.

Please see the attached for programme details for October 2014. (Click on the thumbnail to view the programme)

Dharma Programs & Activities - Oct 2014

Other highlights of October programme are as follows:

There will be 2 Tara Pujas in October (on 2 & 31 October). Geshela has advised that these prayers be specially dedicated for the long life and good health of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and the swift and full recovery of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Kyabje Choden Rinpoche from illnesses manifested.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the pujas and make special dedication to our holy Gurus.

A stupa traditionally represents the mind of the Buddha and has the power to convey the mind transmission to those who gaze at it. According to the Buddhist teachings, there are eight different types of stupas and each of them represents an important event of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni's life story. The Stupa of Enlightenment that CGC has invited symbolizes the achievement of Buddha's enlightenment, the nature of a fully awakened mind.

Stupas possess a powerful pacifying, protective and enriching effect on their surroundings. CGC is extremely thankful to our benefactor for sponsoring such a holy addition to our Gompa.

The consecration of the stupa will be conducted on 3 October 2014 (Friday). Details of the consecration will be provided in our upcoming weekly programme.

As advised by our precious Guru, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, CGC is required to conduct a few Hayagriva Controlling Fire Pujas to dispel obstacles for the development of the centre and to bring together all the conditions needed for successful practice. KLZR also gave similar advice to our sister centres in KL (LDC) and Triang (RJL).

Hayagriva is a wrathful manifestation of the Buddha of Compassion Chenrezig. Praying to Hayagriva is a swift and powerful means to overcome negative forces and obstacles caused by spirit and to cure diseases caused by naga harms. The lineage of the practice of Hayagriva comes from Buddha Amitabha and was introduced to Tibet by the Great Indian Guru Padmasambhava who was invited to Tibet by King Trisong Detsen to dispel obstacles to spread the Buddhist teaching in Tibet.

Our very first Hayagriva Controlling fire puja will be performed on 26 October 2014 (Sunday), and Geshe Tsundu and Ven. Sherab of our sister centre, LDC, will be invited to assist in the puja. Details of the puja will be provided in our upcoming weekly programme.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Geshe Deyang, who has undertaken tremendous daunting tasks to successfully install new holy additions in CGC with limited resources. We would also like to express our warmest gratitude to benefactors, sponsors, members and friends who have assisted us in various areas and supported our centre throughout these years.

We are looking forward to your continued support and see you in teaching classes and pujas soon.

With prayers,

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