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For the month of November 2011

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Dear All,

There are 3 special important occasions to be held at Chokyi Gyaltsen Centre in November. The first is the consecration-cum-puja for Wealth Vase on November 13 at 3.00pm. The second occasion is the holding of Medicine Buddha Puja on Nov 10 at 8.00pm and the third important occasion is Shakyamuni Buddha Puja on Nov 17 at 8.00pm.

Nov 10 and Nov 17 are special days when merits are multiplied by 100 million times. Of course, any negative action or bad karma we create on these 2 days are also multiplied by 100 milllion times. So please be very careful on what we do on these 2 days. You are welcome to offer candle lights to the Buddha at the centre during these special days. You can email us and bank in to our Public Bank Account No. 3144257518.

Each Butter Light costs RM10. After you have banked in the payment, kindly let us know for recording purposes. You are most invited to our centre during the events. It is more beneficial if you can join the puja during these special days.

For further queries, please feel free to write to us or contact us at (012) 537 9389 - Anthony or (012) 428 2929 - Stephanie.

Thank you.

Spiritual Program Co-ordinator

3 NOV 2011

Tara Puja

Thursday, 8.00pm

5 NOV 2011

Guru Puja

Saturday, 8.00pm

10 NOV 2011

Medicine Buddha Puja
*** Lord Buddha's Acceptance to descend from God Realm of Thirty-Three.
(Merits Multiply 100 million times)

Thursday, 8.00pm

13 NOV 2011

Wealth Vase Puja

Sunday, 3.00pm

17 NOV 2011

Shakyamuni Buddha Puja
*** Lord Buddha's actual descent from God Realm of Thirty-Three.
(Merit Multiply 100 million times)

Thursday, 8.00pm

20 NOV 2011

Guru Puja

Sunday, 3.00pm

27 NOV 2011

Animal Liberation

Sunday, 11.00am

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