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Dear All,

Medicine Buddha Jangwa Puja - Sunday, 10/04/2011

Medicine Buddha Jangwa Puja - Sunday, 10/04/2011

As we know Ching Ming festival is coming soon. Chokyi Gyaltsen Centre will conduct the annual Ching Ming's Medicine Buddha Jangwa Puja. This time the puja will be led by our Resident Geshe - Geshe Deyang.

This is a very good thing to do. Sponsoring such puja for your ancestors (if they are already born in the lower realms, by dedicating the merits of this puja, they can receive the merit and will quickly take the next rebirth to a higher rebirth). And also by dedicating merits for yourself for repaying the karmic debt, your life obstacles will be removed substantially - we never know how much karmic debt we created in the past, so it is good to do this annually.

If you are free on 10/04/2011 (Sunday), it is good to attend the puja if not Geshe Deyang will do the puja and make the dedication. You will receive great merits if you can personally participate in the puja.

Please fill in the sponsor names and your dedication in the attached form. The closing date is Wednesday, 30th March 2011.

The payment can be done through our bank - Public Bank and the Account No: 3144257518.

For further information, please call 012 428 2929 or email to us at fpmt.cgc@gmail.com.

CGC welcome the arrival of Geshe Deyang

Chokyi Gyaltsen Center WELCOME the arrival of our resident teacher - Geshe Tenzin Deyang on 17th March 2011, Thursday, 3pm @ CGC.

It is our great honour to welcome the arrival of Geshe Tenzin Deyang to be CGC first resident teacher as appointed by the our kindest Guru Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche on year 2010.

After several months working on visa application for Geshela, we have successfully obtained the approval letter on professional visa for Geshe Deyang.

We will have a welcoming reception to Geshela upon his arrival at CGC. Please bring along kata, flower and angpow offering to join in the welcoming reception!

If you have any queries, please contact Stephanie @ 012 428 2929 or write to fpmt.cgc@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Spiritual Program Co-ordinator

Message from CGC's President

Dear members, benefactors and friends,

It is with much pleasure that we are introducing our newly arrived Resident Geshe, Geshe Deyang. In wikipedia, Geshe (Tib. dge bshes, short for dge-ba'i bshes-gnyen, "virtuous friend"; translation of Skt. kalyāņamitra) is a Tibetan Buddhist academic degree for monks. The degree is emphasized primarily by the Gelug lineage. There are four categories of Geshe: Dorampa, Lingtse, Tsorampa and Lharampa, Lharampa being the highest. Geshe Deyang is of the highest academic class, a Lharampa Geshe.

In short, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche sent one of the best geshes to CGC, and we are all so grateful to the kindness of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Geshela has been awarded a 3 years visa to stay in Malaysia, and during these three years, Geshela will help develop CGC into a dharma powerhouse. CGC for the next 3 years will hope to benefit a lot of people, spread dharma to lots of people. Therefore, you could expect there will be many series of dharma teachings and activities catering for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

3 years is a short time, and there is no more a better time to start learning dharma from the one of the most qualified teacher available in Penang.

I look forward to seeing you in CGC more regularly, and I trust that everyone is going to experience a wonderful taste of dharma nectar from Geshe Deyang.

For more information, do write to us.

Best wishes,

5 MAR 2011

LOSAR DAY: Prostrations to 35 Buddhas & Sutra Recitation

Saturday, 8.30pm

13 MAR 2011

Tara Puja

Sunday, 3.00pm

15 MAR 2011

Guru Puja

Tuesday, 8.30pm

19 MAR 2011

DAY OF MIRACLES: Medicine Buddha Puja

Saturday, 8.30pm

27 MAR 2011

Animal Liberation

Sunday, 11.00am

29 MAR 2011

Guru Puja

Tuesday, 8.30pm

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