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For the month of January 2010

Dear All,

Prince Siddhartha The Musical - Joint Efforts By 3 Non-profit Organizations To Brighten Up Penang!

Prince Siddhartha The Musical 2010 - 01

Chokyi Gyaltsen Center, Phor Tay Private School and Pu Ai Community Service in a joint effort will bring to Penang, the highly acclaimed Prince Siddhartha the Musical show, produced by the Musical On Stage Productions. The Prince Siddhartha the Musical show has been brought to various cities, including Singapore, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Jakarta with a turn-out of 70 thousand audiences.

We are very proud to be the organizers to bring this highly acclaimed Prince Siddhartha the Musical show to Penang for the first time, and we are extremely delighted to have this event being endorsed in the Penang Tourism Calendar of Events for 2010. We believe this will bring a lot of joys to the community of Penang and also the vicinity states such as Kedah and Perak.


Prince Siddhartha the Musical is a full-length Mandarin musical created and produced by some of the best talents from the Malaysian music, television, theatre and dance scenes.

Prince Siddhartha the Musical is essentially an Eastern story re-told and presented in Western musical style. Gathering a cast of award-winning actors and dancers, the musical also features a powerful and touching music score, combining classical, new-age and ethnic elements, dynamic and captivating dance choreography, vibrantly coloured stage design and lavish costumes coupled with advanced animation effects.

Prince Siddhartha the Musical is highly recommended for both its artistic and entertainment value.

Prince Siddhartha the Musical will rock Penang!!

For a short clip of video and information please go to www.musicalonstage.com


Prince Siddhartha was born in B.C. 464 in ancient India where people were divided by a caste system. As the Prince of Kapilavatthu leading a luxurious and prestigious life, Siddhartha observed the unequal status of the people outside the palace. Once he chanced upon the sights of birth, aging, sickness and death, and realised the suffering of the mankind. With a determination to seek a way to end all suffering, he went into a poignant sojourn in search of the truth of life and the universe. After 12 years of practice, he finally attained Enlightenment - The Buddha.


The venue is at Dewan Sri Pinang, and the dates for the shows in Penang are:

1st SESSION: [Premier Show, for donation or sponsorship of advertisement of RM1,000 and above]
19th March 2010, Fri 8pm - 11pm
20th March 2010, Sat 8pm - 11pm
21th March 2010, Sun 2pm - 5pm
21th March 2010, Sun 8pm - 11pm

For further inquiries or ticketing reservations, kindly call:

Chokyi Gyaltsen Center: 04-229 0600 / 04-228 2561 (Soon Huat Motors), 012-428 5528 (Vincent), 012-475 1363 (Angie), cgc.ticket@gmail.com

Than Hsiang Temple: 04-641 4822

Pu Ai Community Service: 012-407 6490

You will be able to get a copy of your ticket from Popular Book outlets.

Tickets are priced at: RM50, RM70 & RM100


As this is a charitable show, and all the costs incurred to bring this show to Penang have been funded by the three non-profit organizations, namely, Chokyi Gyaltsen Center, Por Tay Private School and Pu Ai Community Service, we strongly encourage public donations and advertisement sponsorship.

For Donation and Advertisement Sponsorship, please contact:

Chokyi Gyaltsen Center: 012-438 6228 (Datin Goh), 012-428 5528 (Vincent), fpmt.cgc@gmail.com

Than Hsiang Temple: 04-641 4822

Pu Ai Community Service Center: 012-407 6490

Phor Tay Private School: 04-227 1469

Thank you.

Spiritual Program Co-ordinator

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