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Dear All,

Medicine Buddha Puja on Saturday, 13th August 2011

Medicine Buddha Puja on Saturday, 13th August 2011

In conjunction with the "Ghost Festival" month, CGC will be organizing Medicine Buddha Puja on 13/08/2011 (Saturday) at 8pm and will be led by our Resident Geshe - Geshe Deyang. It is a very good opportunity to accumulate merits and dedicate to oneself and others.

If you'd like to contribute to the Puja, the minimum sponsor for this Medicine Buddha Puja is RM10.00 per person. (Including food, fruits, flowers, water and 1 tea light offering).

To contribute, kindly write to us at fpmt.cgc@gmail.com before 10/08/2011 or you can hand in your name and money contributions to our centre anytime from Monday till Friday at 3pm - 5pm.

For further queries, please contact Stephanie (012) 4282929.

Thank you.

Spiritual Program Co-ordinator

3 AUG 2011

Mantra Recitation

Wednesday, 8.15pm

7 AUG 2011

Tara Puja

Sunday, 11.00am

8 AUG 2011

Guru Puja

Monday, 8.00pm

13 AUG 2011

Medicine Buddha Puja - Ghost Month Celebration

Saturday, 8.00pm

24 AUG 2011

Guru Puja

Wednesday, 8.00pm

28 AUG 2011

Animal Liberation

Sunday, 11.00am

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